Wooden Structure Roof Sheds

Wooden Structure Roof Shed Noida

This process involves a building system in which workers will assemble the main skeleton of your home. The construction system actually begins when skeleton items including wall studs, ceiling joists, roof trusses, rafters and then all flooring systems are installed. These items will be installed step-by-step and then eventually build a platform for the entire home.

Traditional stick framing processes start with the base floor and then adds the second story eventually adding in the roof framing. A number of smaller homes have prebuilt wall panels and wood frame structures in the home that can have items like electrical work/plumbing and more placed into the framing as it gets built up. Following the process of inspection inside the walls, they are usually then covered with drywall and the exterior of the home is then coated with stucco, bricks, or siding to protect it from the elements.