Structure Work

Light gauge steel is a process that involves building in a similar way as traditional stick framing but with a light difference. Instead of the wooden design of the stick-built home, each of the components is instead made out of metal. The big advantage here is that any of this deal will not rot, shrink or experience damage from termites. Steel can last longer than any type of wood frame and there is less worry for things like drywall cracks, warping or shrinking.

Light gauge steel designs are often a bit more expensive for a build but they can often be beneficial for adding rigidity to the home as well as a longer lifespan for any type of property. Light gauge steel is a common tool for many types of commercial buildings and it's starting to make its way into many residential buildings as well.

Steel studs do pose a number of challenges for plumbers and electricians. The overall cost of steel also fluctuates far more than other building materials in the market which can lead to costs going up substantially.